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Iran starts pulling out of Syria: Israeli media

Top News2020-05-06


Iran has begun reducing its forces in Syria and pulling out of some bases in the country, the Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

"For the first time since Iran started to entrench itself in Syria, it is reducing its forces there and clearing bases," Israeli security officials were quoted as saying by the Hebrew-language news site of Ynet.

"Syria is paying a growing price because of the Iranian presence in its territory," the officials said, adding that "Iran has turned from an asset to Syria into a burden."

Israel's military was not immediately available to comment for Xinhua.

Also on Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett warned that Israel will increase the pressure on Iran to withdraw its forces from Syria.

"Iranian troops who go to Syria and take actions there are risking their own lives," he said, warning that Israel considers them as legitimate targets for strikes.

"We will not enable establishing Iranian bases in Syria," he vowed.

The Israeli air force has carried out "hundreds" of strikes in Syria, claiming the attacks aimed at Iranian sites and weapons convoys to the Iran-backed Lebanese militia of Hezbollah.

Israeli officials have repeatedly warned that Israel will not allow Iran, considered as Israel's arch-foe, to establish a permanent military presence in Syria.


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