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Two Sessions: CPPCC member suggests law to curb annoying pop-up ads



Laws should be used to regulate annoying pop-up ads, and platforms and operators that use pop-ups excessively should be blacklisted as a warning and punishment, Wei Shizhong, member of the CPPCC National Committee, suggested during the Two Sessions this week.

Netizens have been suffering from pop-up ads for a long time, and the proposal has quickly sparked heated discussion and resonance on the Chinese internet.

Internet users said they are annoyed by pop-up ads every time they turn on their computers, which distracts them and affects their mood.

Even worse is that a lot of the pop-ups have hidden links that take users directly to advertisement pages when they click on the close or exit button. Some sites even try to force users to download small games and other useless software.

There are also claims that the content and pictures in the pop-up ads are very vulgar and inappropriate for children. Parents and teachers are very worried that their children or students may see them.

Some committee members agree that using legal means to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users is necessary.

The advertising law of China stipulates that the use of the internet to publish and send advertisements shall not affect users' normal use of the internet. Advertisements on web pages in the form of pop-ups or other forms shall be clearly marked with closing signs to ensure one-click closing.


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