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'Paradise' regained through 'multilateralism': Colombo Telegraph



An article published by Colombo Telegraph last week analyzed the recent interactions between world powers within global institutions such as the Group of Seven (G7) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and stressed that "if there is paradise to be regained, it can only be through the working of multilateralism.""Beefing up the world's multilateral institutions should be the first order of business for world leaders in whatever forums they gather," said Rajan Philips, the author of the article titled "Cold war to COVAX: New U.S. president rallies allies, but no brave new world."Recalling U.S. President Joe Biden's first foreign trip last week, as well as his first in-person G7 summit, the author questioned the results of these diplomatic activities which majorly targeted China."Nor are other G7 countries entirely enthusiastic about agreeing with the U.S. policy towards China," he wrote, adding that a number of the countries do not want to alienate China for China's necessary role to play in the global economic recovery after the pandemic.The article also mentioned the coronavirus origin discussed at the G7 summit, stressing that isolating China is not the way to foster international co-operation, or to determine the truth about the origins of COVID-19.As for NATO calling China a threat to "rules-based international order," Philips said that it is "more a manifestation of bureaucratic overreach.""(It is) not political consensus became evident from the notes of caution that came from the British and French leaders, among others," the author noted, referring to the remarks of British prime minister, French president and German chancellor.

Boris Johnson asserted that nobody "around the table wants to descend into a new Cold War with China", Emmanuel Macron had earlier admonished that "China has little to do with the North Atlantic", and Angela Merkel had apparently emphasized that western alliances are "not about being against something, but for something".


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