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Eight art colleges join hands to hold open online classes



Eight art institutions across China are jointly organizing open online classes from May 16 to June 6 that center on epidemic prevention and control.

Initiated by the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, the open classes are joined by seven other art colleges and music conservatories from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong province, Shaanxi province and Hubei province.

In the classes, nine experts from universities and industries will inform on ideological and political education, and discuss the roles of art colleges and students in helping epidemic control.

The first session of the open class series was held on May 16. Around 23,500 students and teachers attended the course, leaving more than 9,100 live messages.

Liang Jianming, director for the open classes and professor from the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, said: We will further gather experts and teachers from various art fields such as opera, music, dance, fine arts and fashion, to create artistic works under the theme of combating the epidemic.


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