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Rehab centers for COVID19 patients with side effects ready



COVID-19 has become a memory in Wuhan, but medical teams are not done. Many doctors and nurses said they still need to help those suffering from the after effects of the deadly pneumonia.

Wuhan Hankou Hospital, one of the designated sites to receive COVID-19 patients during the epidemic, said its rehabilitation center for recovered patients is almost ready.

"We are constructing a big collaboration space," said Lyu Qingquan, head of Wuhan Hankou Hospital's Medical Affairs Department.

Recovered COVID-19 patients may have heart attacks or difficulties of breathing, while others may suffer from psychological issues. So it is necessary for the hospital to provide a comprehensive clinical space just for those who survived from the deadly virus, Lyu said.

"We will put all of our rehabilitation equipment in the hallway. And we will also have health recovery experts at the clinics. Lung experts, cardiac experts, and mental health experts. We will form a team," Lyu said.

Doctor Lyu was committed to the entire battle against coronavirus in Wuhan, where it used to be the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Recalling what happened in January, Lyu said his team was not at all prepared for the big strike. But the hospital's doctors and nurses said they had no time for fear back then.

Hankou Hospital's clinic hall has resumed normal operation. The space was packed with COVID-19 patients in late January. Li Jian/CGTN

"Since January 21, the entire clinic hall was reserved for fever patients. There was just one type of patients – those with COVID-19. We received 2,000 patients on peak days. There were people everywhere. We dispatched some one hundred medical staff just in the hall," Lyu said.

The pandemic was a big test for the medical system, and it also heightened his team's senses of responsibility and care for others, Lyu said.

"I never thought that this big public health crisis could happen in my city. I have new understanding about my career. I never believed that my job could be so important. It's all worth it," said Zhao Hua, head nurse of the Wuhan Hankou Hospital's Fever Clinic.

The doctors and nurses said they had almost no time to celebrate but had to carry on to keep vigilant as the pandemic is still claiming people's lives worldwide.


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