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World Curling Tour to build dryland winter sports stadium in Xindu district, Chengdu



The World Curling Tour, or WCT, the world body for the sport of curling, is to build a dryland ice and snow sports stadium in the Xindu district of Chengdu – capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province – according to district officials.

The stadium, the first of its kind in China, will be designed for winter sports including curling, figure skating, ice hockey and skiing, offering a premium sports experience, said Yang Guojie, executive vice president of WCT Asia Pacific.

He said the stadium would serve as an important carrier for the diversified development of urban winter sports, effectively reducing the costs of staging them and promoting their growth. Yang said it would not only be used for sports events, but would also meet the needs of locals.


Chinese players in action during a women's curling match at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing on Feb 11. [Photo by Feng Yongbin/]

With the goal of helping to provide people with a new urban lifestyle, the stadium will develop sports tourism, provide events support and services, and establish a special school for training young people in winter sports, Yang said.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the WCT is known as the world's largest and preeminent professional curling league. It holds more than 300 curling events at different levels internationally each year, which has greatly promoted the development of curling around the world.

The WCT settled its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Xindu at the start of the year. It will be responsible for the promotion of curling in the entire Asia-Pacific region, as well as hosting various top events under the aegis of the World Curling Tour.


Enthusiasts try out a dry snow slope at the Xindu JF DrySki Four Season Resort in Xindu district. [Photo provided to Asia Pacific Daily]

Part of the central urban area of Chengdu, Xindu has been introducing ice and snow industry projects since 2016, leading the way for the whole province. This is understood to have been one of the main reasons why the WCT chose Xindu.

"Xindu district has good ice and snow sports resources and the local government strongly supports the development of ice and snow sports," said Yang, adding that the good investment environment in Xindu ensured the smooth implementation of the project.

Yang said the WCT would make good use of its global influence and expertise in the field of winter sports to bring more resources to Xindu, as well as promote their development and related industries in the district.


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