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WEF encourages use of sustainable transport means in Davos



The World Economic Forum (WEF), in a letter on Tuesday, encouraged the Annual Meeting 2020 badge holders to travel to Davos by train from Zurich or other parts of Europe and enjoy a 50 percent discount or refund.

Besides the discounted train tickets, the WEF said it encourages participants to use other sustainable transport means. And almost 90 percent of the cars used by the Forum to transport public figures are electric or hybrid.

In a previous statement, the WEF said that it aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of all its activities and since 2017, all emissions have been calculated and offset 100 percent by supporting environmental projects in Switzerland and abroad.

The WEF Annual Meeting 2020, under the theme "Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World", is scheduled to take place on Jan. 21-24 in Davos Klosters in Switzerland. Nearly 3,000 leaders from all over the world, including 53 heads of state or government, will attend the meeting, the WEF announced here Tuesday.

According to the WEF, this year's program will focus on achieving maximum impact on the Forum's platform for public-private cooperation across six core areas of activity: ecology, economy, society, industry, technology and geopolitics.

Among the initiatives to be launched at this year's annual meeting, WEF said, is one that aims to plant one trillion trees over the next decade and to equip one billion people with the necessary skills in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


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