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#PEPSIJammingSeru: The First Social Media Live Stream Music Program in Indonesia

Prnasia | Mon,2017-03-20

JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In February 2017, PepsiCo Indonesia appointed Froyo Story digital agency to run PEPSI Indonesia's digital marketing campaign. As part of the collaboration, PEPSI will begin to hold #PEPSIJammingSeru events.

PEPSI Indonesia Marketing Team and Mocca band at the #PEPSIJammingSeru with Mocca, March 16th 2017
PEPSI Indonesia Marketing Team and Mocca band at the #PEPSIJammingSeru with Mocca, March 16th 2017

#PEPSIJammingSeru is the first live music streaming program in Indonesia designed to  to further strengthen PEPSI's brand positioning within the music industry in Indonesia.

Under this new concept, PEPSI will work with 12 top Indonesian musicians who will perform each month on PEPSI Indonesia's Facebook page and Instagram, beginning with Mocca on 16 March  2017.

"We are proud of PepsiCo's belief in our idea and our success in bringing it to life.  #PEPSIJammingSeru is a new concept and we are confident that this program will be a success," stated Chandra Purnayuda, CEO Froyo Story.

"#PEPSIJammingSeru is a major breakthrough for PEPSI Indonesia. We believe that PEPSI and music are the best combination to be enjoyed while hanging out with friends. This is a fresh concept, and we hope that Indonesians will have fun watching their favorite musicians perform live on social media platforms for an hour," said Andina Mutya, Brand Manager PEPSI Indonesia

"This program is attractive  as it has never been done before in Indonesia and it is also a fantastic means  for us to interact with our fans," said Mocca vocalist Arina Ephipania.

For more information please visit:
Facebook: Pepsi ID (
Instagram: @Pepsi_ID  (

About Froyo Story:

Froyo Story is a digital agency who believe that real and magical entertainment experiences will have the most impact on consumers. Founded in 2013 as part of Froyo Group, Froyo Story has experiences dealing with digital campaigns for several big brands in Indonesia like Tehbotol Sosro, PEPSI, Sting, Optik Melawai, Pocari Sweat, Alibaba, BNI and many more.

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