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Tourist sites receive 29.62 mln visitors during Golden Week


Ticket receipts at major attractions stood at 1.59 billion yuan during the seven days, said the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), which collected data from 125 tourist sites across the country. These tourist attractions received 29.62 million visitors.

Cold air to clear Beijing's persisting smog


Cold air and gales are expected to sweep Beijing in the coming 24 hours and clear the heavy smog that has blanketed the Chinese capital for three days.

Exhibition "Superheroes in Gotham" held in NYC


On view from Oct. 9 through Feb. 21, 2016, "Superheroes in Gotham" will focus on American culture's most legendary superheroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man - as well as more recent characters inspired by the contemporary city.

Highlights of World Poutine Eating Championship


Matt Stonie of the United States won the champion after eating 22 lbs, 44 boxes of poutine in ten minutes on Oct. 3, 2015.

Chinese archeological team salvages more than 100 items from wreck


Photo taken on Sept. 25, 2015 shows a porthole from "Dandong No.1", a shipwreck discovered last year near Dandong Port, northeast China's Liaoning Province. An archeological team from the National Center of Underwater Cultural Heritage have salvaged more than 100 items from the wreck during the past two months. They confirmed "Dandong No.1" as cruiser Zhiyuan, one of the warships of the Beiyang Fleet sunk by the Japanese navy during the first Sino-Japanese War 121 years ago.

Iceland holds sheep rounding up event


Icelandic farmers embrace their harvest of sheep in a unique way since mid-September by rounding up sheep and bringing them back home from the wild where the animals wandered freely for a whole summer.

Traditional mooncakes come back in Mid-Autumn Festival


Chinese people will receive the Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept. 27 this year, the 15th day of the eight month in lunar calender. It is a tradition to eat mooncakes and have a family gathering on the festival.

2015 Asia Pop Comic Convention kicks off in Philippines


The APCC features famous characters from various toys, games, superheroes, animations and films with competitions for best costumes for pop culture enthusiasts.

Egg-carving LED light shows held in Shanxi


Photo taken on Sept. 19, 2015 shows an egg-carving LED light made by artist Kong Bin in Linfen, north China's Shanxi Province.

Pashmina shawl industry in Kashmir


Pashmina is the finest type of cashmere wool. The wool comes from the hair of the Himalayan goat, a rare animal living above 4,000 meters altitude in Ladakh region of Indian-controlled Kashmir. Thousands of Kashmiri artisans are associated with pashmina industry in Kashmir.