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WikiLeaks exposes alleged CIA hacking program


The CIA can turn your TV into a listening device, bypass popular encryption apps, and possibly control your car, according to a trove of alleged documents from the US spy agency released Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

Train-bus collision kills four people in Mississippi


Local Police said that four people were killed after a train collided with a bus Tuesday in the U.S. southern state of Mississippi.

Trump's constant controversy could impact White House agenda


U.S. President Donald Trump is seeing more controversy than any other newly elected president in recent memory, and that might hurt his chances of passing his agenda.

Trump signs revised travel ban, exempts Iraqis


US President Donald Trump signed a revised ban on refugees and on travelers from six Muslim-majority nations Monday, scaling back the order to exempt Iraqis and permanent US residents.

Trump asks Congress to probe wiretap claims


The White House on Sunday called for Congress to follow up on President Donald Trump's explosive, unsubstantiated allegation that Barack Obama tapped his phone during last year's election campaign.

Trump's attorney general recuses himself from Russia probe


US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he would recuse himself from any probe into the presidential election campaign as Donald Trump's administration moved to cut short a snowballing controversy over its ties to Russia.

U.S. Attorney General recuses himself from probe into Russia's role in Trump's campaign


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday he will recuse himself from any current or future investigations into Russia's possible link with Donald Trump's presidential campaign, one day after media reports revealed he spoke with Russian Ambassador twice last year but didn't reveal it at the Senate hearings for his confirmation.

U.S. Attorney General Sessions did not disclose Russia contacts


Jeff Sessions, while still a U.S. senator, spoke twice last year with Russia's ambassador, encounters he did not disclose when asked during his confirmation hearing to become attorney general about possible contacts between Donald Trump's campaign and Russian officials, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing Justice Department officials.

U.S. House panel to probe possible Russia-Trump campaign collusion - Democrat


The U.S. House of Representatives intelligence committee will investigate allegations of collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, the top Democrat on the panel said on Wednesday.

Trump administration has found only $20 million in existing funds for wall - document


President Donald Trump’s promise to use existing funds to begin immediate construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border has hit a financial roadblock, according to a document seen by Reuters.