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Over 100 Jewish cemetery headstones damaged in Philadelphia, U.S.


U.S. Police said Sunday that over 100 headstones have been vandalized at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, damage discovered less than a week after similar vandalism in Missouri, local media reported.

Does new U.S. envoy to UN bring any new foreign policy?


​U.S. President Donald Trump said he would settle for a widely-discouraged one-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but also could support the long-favored two-state solution, whichever both sides like.

Trump's on-going war with media could hurt presidency: experts


​The war of words between U.S. President Donald Trump and the U.S. media has been raging on since he took office last month, which could hurt his presidency, experts said.

Trump wants to make sure U.S. nuclear arsenal at 'top of the pack'


President Donald Trump said on Thursday he wants to ensure the U.S. nuclear arsenal is at the "top of the pack," saying the United States has fallen behind in its weapons capacity.

Canada's Trudeau pressured to tackle problem of asylum-seekers


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came under increasing pressure on Thursday to deal with asylum seekers illegally crossing into Canada from the United States to avoid a crackdown by the administration of President Donald Trump.

Trump likes two-state solution, but says he will leave it up to Israelis, Palestinians


U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he likes the concept of a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, expressing his preference on the issue for the first time since sparking international criticism for appearing to back away from the longstanding bedrock of Middle East policy.

US promises no mass deportations in bid to calm Mexico


US officials promised Mexico no "mass deportations" or use of military force to expel immigrants, moving to calm tensions over President Donald Trump's vow to crack down on "bad dudes" illegally residing in his country.

Trump revokes Obama guidelines on transgender bathrooms


President Donald Trump's administration on Wednesday revoked landmark guidance to public schools letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice, reversing a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama.

Trudeau defends move to give U.S. agents more powers in Canada


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday defended plans to give more powers to U.S. border agents stationed in Canada, saying travelers would at all times be protected by domestic laws.

Canada stresses talks on NAFTA will involve all three members


Any talks to renew the North American Free Trade Agreement would involve all three member nations, a top Canadian official said on Tuesday, dampening speculation the United States might seek to sit down with Canada first and then Mexico.