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At least 10 injured in NYC's Times Square car crash accident


May 18, 2017. At least 10 people were injured and receiving treatment after a speeding vehicle struck pedestrians on sidewalk in New York City's Times Square on Thursday, eyewitnesses said. (Xinhua/Kang Dexi)

U.S. President Trump not expected to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem


U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to break a campaign promise by not moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, local media reports said.

Trump insists he's not under FBI investigation


US President Donald Trump has insisted he is not under investigation, as he dismissed the FBI director he fired as a "showboat" and "grandstander".

Trump fires FBI director Comey


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday fired his FBI director James Comey, the man who leads the agency charged with investigating his campaign's ties with Russia -- a move that sent shockwaves through Washington.

Obama warned Trump about hiring Michael Flynn


Barack Obama warned newly elected President Donald Trump against hiring Michael Flynn as national security adviser, the White House has confirmed.

Public trust in US government remains near historic low: poll


Americans' trust in federal government remains near historic low after last year's general election, with only one in five saying they trust the government all the time or most of the time, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

United Airlines CEO: We won't drag passenger off plane anymore


Facing public outrage over forcibly dragging a man off a plane, United Airlines on Wednesday promised that this kind of incidents would never happen again.

Trump may stop spouses of H-1B visa holders from working


It's not an easy time to be an immigrant working on an H-1B visa in the U.S. It could be about to get a lot worse.

Conservatives rebel against Trump-backed Republican healthcare plan


President Donald Trump on Tuesday endorsed Republican legislation to replace the Obamacare healthcare law but the measure faced a rebellion by conservative groups and lawmakers, complicating its chances for passage in the U.S. Congress.

U.S. appears to root for Kurdish support in Raqqa push - Turkish sources


The United States appears to have decided to enlist the help of Kurdish YPG militia in a campaign to push Islamic State out of its stronghold in Raqqa, Syria, thwarting Turkey's ambitions, a senior Turkish official said on Tuesday.