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APD Columns

MTV flips logo to stand with women

MTV debuted a bold look for International Women's Day.

CNN · We Observe the World 2017-03-090

APD Campus Reporters | Behind the prosperity, another life in Hong Kong: low-end globalization in Chungking Mansions

By examining the complicated relationship between migrants from developing societies and their economic activities, Gordon Mathews has defined Chungking Mansions as a ghetto located within the golden mile in Tsim Sha Tsui. The “ghetto” refers that it is located in Hong Kong, but it does not belong to Hong Kong.

QIAN Xingyu | City University of Hong Kong · APD Campus reporter 2016-08-190

WOW|A leisure sports city,a group of sport fans

Cold wave could not cool people’s enthusiasm for sports in this city.It is a city that once hosted an international sports game, while it is also a small and obscure city at Jiaodong peninsula in China.

Li Xue · We Observe the World 2016-06-170

WOW|The elders and youngsters in my hometown

I was sitting at the back of the bus, listening some English songs with the headset, on my way to my hometown- Xian tao. It has been nearly five years since the day I went to Beijing start my university life.

Liu Liyu · We Observe the World 2016-06-160

WOW|The Man and the Fish

Is there anything out there, in your life, that have helped you endured and overcame the pains and miseries of an unpredictable fate?

Wang Qiao · We Observe the World 2016-06-144

WOW| Another look at Wuyi Road

When the sun quietly shines into the cracks of the Wuyi Road, the oldest road in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, a new day begins.

Guo Xiaoqiong · We Observe the World 2016-06-134

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