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Aussie researchers discover pathway key to weight loss


Australian scientists have discovered a pathway key to accelerating weight loss.

Google Unveils a 3-Decade Time-Lapse of the Earth By Jeffrey Kluger


It doesn’t pay to take your eyes off the Earth for a second. Look away even briefly and who knows what it will get up to?

The world's first blue wine


Gïk Blue combines red and white grapes with organic pigments and flavours to produce a sweet, electric-blue wine that has some raising their eyebrows and others raising their glasses.

Why extreme weather is the new normal


If it feels like it hasn't rained in months in the South, you're right. The region is experiencing an extreme drought. But just a few months earlier, we were talking about record-breaking floods in the South. These shocking extremes are happening more often, and it is all part of an unfortunate new normal in a world with climate change.

Salmon catch has bad year


The fishing season for autumn salmon is coming to an end, and this year’s take is so poor it is likely to be the lowest in 30 years.

Zika virus 'no longer an emergency' - WHO


The mosquito-borne Zika virus will no longer be treated as an international medical emergency, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared.

These Nuns Are Petitioning McDonald's to Remove Antibiotics From Meat


"Superbug" infections caused by these antibiotics kill 23,000 Americans a year. A group of nuns is fighting McDonald’s to change your Happy Meal.

World's most obese man to undergo weight-loss treatment in Mexico


​The world's most obese man in Mexico is about to undergo weight-loss treatment, local media reported on Wednesday.

Chinese "new farmers" eye green agriculture


Feng Xiaoyan views herself as a "new farmer" despite being 53 years old.

Michelin presents three stars to two Seoul restaurants


The Michelin food guide unveiled its first Seoul edition on Monday, with two upscale South Korean restaurants receiving the coveted three stars, but recognition also for a more humble diner serving vegetarian temple food.