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No new antidepressants in sight despite growing need, experts warn


It is likely to be at least 10 years before any new generation of antidepressants comes to market, despite evidence that depression and anxiety rates are increasing across the world, specialists said on Wednesday.

Hong Kong’s blanket of smog generated here, not northern China


Expert claims there is ‘no connection’ between the high levels of harmful air pollution seen recently on the mainland and those in the city

Men with history of cancer more likely to develop aggressive strains


Australian researchers have discovered why men with a family history of prostate cancer develop a more aggressive strain of the disease.

Warmest year sparks fears for unique New Zealand wildlife


Last year was New Zealand's hottest year on record, government scientists said Monday, renewing fears over accelerating global warming and its effect on the country's unique wildlife

Habit sends you meals based on your unique DNA profile


In a world where new meal subscription services are popping up every day, is there really room for one more?

105-year-old Frenchman cycles into history with hour-long ride


A French centenarian, Robert Marchand, made cycling history on Wednesday by covering 22.528 km (14.08 miles) in one hour on a track near Paris at the age of 105.

Why you shouldn't use cotton swabs to clean your ears


The doctors' advice hasn't changed much, but it's still so unsatisfying: You should not use cotton swabs to clean your ears.

School kids in England eat half daily sugar intake at breakfast time


​Children in England consume half of the recommended daily sugar intake before the school bell rings every morning, a report revealed Tuesday.

Children of obese parents more likely to be clumsy


Children of obese parents more likely to be clumsy, not good with people and have trouble solving problems in early life, study finds. Fine motor skills and social competence compromised in children of obese parents, and doctors don’t know why. Also in health news: artists’ brush strokes may be window to degenerative brain disorders

Reality shows on single life gain popularity


This was definitely not a good year for local entertainment shows. The once-popular shows "Running Man" and "Infinite Challenge" struggled amid their single-digit viewership ratings while cooking shows and reality programs searching for musical talent have fatigued viewers.