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A drink a day linked to higher breast cancer risk, study shows


A daily glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage might increase the risk of breast cancer, according to a new report by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Consumers eating 33 percent more salt than they should: study


People are consuming far too much salt in their diets, according to a study released Wednesday, which found that participants were eating over 33 percent more salt in their diets than they had thought, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A bite of Belt and Road


Since diplomat and imperial envoy Zhang Qian's expedition westwards more than two thousand years ago, a path connecting China and the outside world has come into being. The path, known as the Silk Road, has brought about economic and cultural exchanges in China and abroad, as well as a variety of new foreign produce to foodies across the nation.

‘Honest’ primary school sex-education textbook in China slammed for going too far


Series for primary schools depicts sexual organs, positions and gay couples, drawing criticism online, but author stands by content

The turtle who ate 1,000 coins


The turtle who ate 1,000 coins

Married People Less Stressed Than Singles, Study Finds © This is copyrighted material owned by Digital Chosun Inc. No part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission.


Married people have lower levels of a key stress hormone than do their unmarried peers, according to a new study.

Mean NASA frozen yogurt robot makes a small girl cry


NASA: where you can check out the uses of liquid nitrogen, purchase your very own star map and establish a healthy distrust of robots from a young age.

Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas'


The pancreas can be triggered to regenerate itself through a type of fasting diet, say US researchers.

Women in sports ad strikes nerve in Arab world


An online commercial released by Nike (NKE.N) this week that showed Arab women fencing, boxing and spinning on ice-skates has stirred controversy over its attempt to smash stereotypes about women leading home-bound lives in the conservative region.

Vitamin D pills 'could stop colds or flu'


Vitamin D supplements could spare more than three million people from colds or flu in the UK each year, researchers claim.