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Central China city to install air purifiers at all schools


​ Education authorities in Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province, announced late Wednesday that air purifiers would be installed in all its schools and kindergartens.

NGO hails Air China's ban on shark fins, calls on more airlines to follow


Air China Cargo has officially announced its company-wide ban on transporting shark fins, making its mother company the first airline from the Chinese mainland to ban the products, which have caused the overhunting of sharks in many waters.

Flight delays still a pressing issue


Punctuality rates of China's biggest airports fell below standards in 2016

Work-life balance is new goal for many


Young professionals appear to prefer freelance work to experience a new way of boss-free job and control over work and career growth. But older professionals opt for freelancing mainly to strike a perfect work-life balance.

Occupational disease patients to get additional benefits from new plan


Move expected to help improve well-being of vulnerable workers in harsh working conditions

Tanzania hails China's ivory ban


Tanzania welcomed China's latest decision to ban ivory trade and processing activities, saying the move marked a historic milestone in efforts to save the giant mammals from poaching.

As pets become like family, relocation services boom


Helen Boneham adopted Benji, a Labrador puppy, after she started working in Beijing in 2014. Soon after, she began looking into how to take him home to Britain, since she didn't want to leave him behind.

Spring Festival to see nearly 3 billion trips


The world's largest annual human migration, the Spring Festival travel rush, will be even larger this year.

China set earthquake monitoring network


An earthquake early response and warning system, consisting of about 15,000 observation stations, will cover the mainland by 2020, to facilitate disaster identification and the protection of people's lives, vital infrastructure and utilities.

Chinese head teacher tries alternative education for left-behind children


​Chinese schools are inclined to focus on the discipline and obedience of students, less so on individual autonomy, but a village school in eastern China is trying to break the mold.