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New Year brings new hope for poor Chinese


​The cold winter wind rattled the window frames of Xu Haicheng's warm, cozy home. Inside sat an unlikely pair surrounded by receipts and papers.

Guangdong TV series becomes longest running in mainland


A TV program broadcast by Guangdong Television has become the longest running series in the Chinese mainland.

Report of 'frequent traveler passport' called fabrication


A senior diplomat on visa and consular affairs has dismissed a fake online report that claims China will issue a "frequent traveler passport" to grant holders visa-free trips to 141 countries.

Public doubts reasons for panda deaths


Shanghai Zoo accused of failing to publicize the case in a timely manner

Xi visits winter sports venues to energize plans for Olympics


President Xi Jinping urged organizers on Monday to host an extraordinary Winter Olympics in 2022 through rational planning and economic use of resources.

Big strides achieved by China in human rights development


​Pursuing its own path in keeping with the national conditions, China has made remarkable achievements in its human rights development.

Train tickets to Hainan hardest to purchase


With the Spring Festival travel rush expected to peak starting this weekend, a report based on data of online train-ticket sales showed that people traveling to Hainan province have the most difficulties purchasing a ticket.

Chinese company ends cooperation with Japanese hotel after denial of Nanjing Massacre


A Chinese tourism company based in Japan terminated its business relationship with Japanese APA Hotels after learning that the latter provided books denying the occurrence of the Nanjing Massacre. The books were written by Toshio Motoya, CEO of APA Group. The books have sparked outrage across Chinese social media, reported.

Govt mulls unified forecast of smog levels


Are you ever at a loss as to what to do when you frequently see smog level predictions contradict each other in different official forecasts? It will not be the case any more in the near future.

Chinese railways ease holiday journey for special needs passengers


​An elderly woman suffered a heart attack at Beijing South Railway Station after realizing her ID card was missing. She was quickly transferred to a clinic in the station where she was treated by two doctors.