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Student gives university head on-stage kiss during graduation


Getting one’s diploma after four years of college is a special moment for every student.

Plastic surgery is booming in China, but not without risk


For people in China today, especially the burgeoning middle class, rising income levels are opening doors to a greater range of choices.

Heavy rain continues to batter large swathes of China


The National Meteorological Center (NMC) renewed its yellow alert for rainstorms on Friday morning, as heavy rain continues to lash large areas along the Yangtze River in the southern part of the country and in the provinces of Hebei and Shandong, and Tianjin Municipality in the north.

Across China: Painting the heart, soul of Beijing's hutongs


Beijingers were once proud that their city was home to as many hutongs, or alleyway communities, "as there are hairs on a bull."

Upgraded Chinese 'green cards' offered to foreign expats


Upgraded versions of permanent residence ID cards - the Chinese green cards – are now being made available to offer better services to foreigners living and working in the country.

China drug regulator given int’l seal of approval with ICH membership


Chinese pharmaceutical companies’ hopes of selling their products abroad have received a boost after China’s drug regulator was accepted as a member of an international organization that focuses on standardizing global drug regulations.

20th Shanghai International Film Festival opens


A gathering of international filmmakers and a feast for movie fans, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off on Saturday with over 400 movie stars and filmmakers shining on the red carpet.

China on yellow alert for heat wave


China's meteorological authority maintained its yellow alert Friday, as a heat wave is expected to sweep across many regions of the country.

China orders safety checks around campus after deadly blast


The Ministry of Education Friday issued an urgent circular asking for enhanced safety checks and controls on campus surroundings.

Drivers in Beijing to face fines for not giving way to pedestrians


Beijing traffic police began on Thursday enforcing a fine of 200 yuan (29 US dollars) for motorists who fail to give way to pedestrians on crosswalks.