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Xiamen steps up restoration after Typhoon Meranti passes


​Xiamen city in the east coastal province of Fujian is picking up the pieces after Typhoon Meranti passed through Thursday, leaving 28 people dead and 15 others still missing.

Chinese Muslims observe 4-day feast


Reception was held to mark festival; believers gather for prayer sessions

Chinese television screens dominated by copycat reality shows featuring local celebrities


Flick through the channels on any TV screen in China and you can’t help but notice the dominance of reality shows featuring celebrities from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

China, Russia to hold Navy drill in South China Sea


China and Russia will stage an eight-day Navy drill in the South China Sea off southern China's Guangdong Province starting Monday, a Chinese Navy spokesperson said Sunday.

Bicycles on a roll again


Only three decades ago, Beijing was known worldwide for its large traffic dominated by millions of bicycles. The two-wheeler was then the primary mode of personal transport.

Documents tell wartime tale of Jews in Shanghai


The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum hopes that documents about Jewish refugees' life experience in Shanghai during World War II will eventually be listed in China's national legacy archives.

"I still cannot believe my Chinese husband of 30 years is suspected killer of 11 women and girls"


Never for one moment during the past 30 years would Chinese woman Zhang Qingfeng have questioned whether her husband Gao Chengyong could be linked to murder – let alone suspected of being one of the country’s most horrific serial killer.

China's universities move to educate students about telecom fraud


Universities are taking various measures to warn new entrants about telecom fraud following a recent tragedy in which a college-bound student died after being cheated out of tuition fees which her family had spent months raising.

From "made in China" to "created in China", Kazakh people bear witness


"Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi...... Many young people in Kazakhstan use more and more products made in China with high technology," Gulmira Nurumgaliyeva told Xinhua on Saturday.

From volleyball to science fiction, these women are showing the positive face of China


Coach Lang Ping and writer Hao Jingfang are among those showing independence, authenticity and outspokenness, and helping to counter negative perceptions of the country, especially in the West