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Overseas, but underwhelmed


The rise in the number of children participating in study tours abroad is leading to conflicts between parents and organizers. Cao Yin reports.

China's Belt and Road initiative necessary for involved countries


​Global strategist Parag Khanna, a senior researcher of National University of Singapore, said China' s Belt and Road initiative is a necessity for all the involved countries.

China protection on ethnic minority rights wins recognition


​China's protection of ethnic minority rights won recognition from both domestic and overseas specialists at a China-Europe seminar on human rights, which opened Wednesday in the southwestern municipality of Chongqing.

"Peking University butcher" restarts pork business after 12-year hiatus


Lu Buxuan, a Chinese language major from Peking University, gained some notoriety in 2003 after it was reported that the top-level gradudate chose to sell pork despite his educational pedigree.

Vietnam describes on ties with China "stable and positive" last year


​Vietnam said Thursday that in the past year, the country had "maintained stable and positive developments and added more substance to cooperation with China."

Primary students say goodbye to napping on desks


Many parents of lower-grade primary school students are concerned about whether their children will adapt to study, as their noon nap habits can hardly be carried out in a classroom, affecting their afternoon performance.

Abandoned as child, woman finds policeman who saved her


When approached in May by a Chinese woman looking for the policeman who took her to an orphanage in Beijing 22 years ago, Hou Xiangwei immediately realized he was the man.

Marital discord no longer just a family affair in China


With divorce on the rise, marriage counselors say they are helping more couples find their way through troubled waters, as Zhou Wenting reports from Shanghai.

Cambodian PM thanks China for agreeing to double rice import quota


Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen on Monday thanked China for agreeing to double rice import quota, saying the quota increase clearly reflected China's intention to helping Cambodia.

World's largest shiplift completes China's Three Gorges project


​The trial operation of the permanent shiplift at the Three Gorges Dam in central China's Hubei Province began Sunday, marking the completion of the Three Gorges project 22 years after construction began.