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Golfing talent gives more students from China a shot at US scholarships


Stanford freshman Emily Wang Ziyi had a high SAT score, was a student union president and enjoyed reading, writing, calligraphy, music and jogging. But what really helped the 18-year-old get into the elite US university was something rarer: her potential to be an international golf star.

Webisodes promote law education in Shanxi


A retired couple in Yuanqu, Shanxi province have become local celebrities after producing their own amateur webisodes in an effort to popularize law education.

Worries dampen 2nd-child wish


More than half of Chinese parents do not want a second child, and 25 percent remain hesitant, according to a new study that highlights the challenges facing efforts to inject new blood into an aging population.

Beijing still graduates top choice


Despite the choking smog, Beijing is still the number one choice for graduate job seekers based on its "soft environment", according to a report published Tuesday.

Live streaming offers instant fame


What do a child doing homework, a young man eating dinner and a female "anchorwoman" belting out pop songs have in common?

Chinese businessman spends ¥1 million a year on his passion for 150 wild animals


A 71-year-old businessman spends more than one million yuan (HK$1.12 million) each year on his 15-year passion – raising more than 150 wolves in a valley in northwestern China, mainland media reported.

Highest court hands Jordan partial victory


​China's top court issued a verdict on Thursday in a lengthy trademark dispute involving US basketball legend Michael Jordan's right to protect his name.

China holds first disabilities winter-sports festival


​China held the first winter-sports festival for the disabled people over the weekend, with more than 300 people hitting the slopes in Yanqing near Beijing.

China's anti-AIDS, HIV practices successful: experts


​China's approach to fighting AIDS and HIV have proved successful, health officials and experts said Thursday on World AIDS Day.

Full-scale Titanic replica aims to attract visitors to Sichuan


A solemn ceremony was held in the tiny, hilly county of Daying in Southwest China's Sichuan province on Wednesday, which was attended by British former deputy prime minister Peter Mandelson and several US designers, who witnessed the laying of the keel of a full-scale replica of the RMS Titanic.