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China steadily moves ahead in global innovation rankings: report


The first-ever middle-income country to join the world's top 25 innovative economies in 2016, China this year continues moving ahead on the list by three notches, displaying a strong performance in several indicators, according to the latest Global Innovation Index (GII) released on Thursday.

Two Chinese arrested for flying drones over confidential target


Police in a central Chinese city said Wednesday that two men had been arrested for flying a drone that captured images of a confidential target.

WeChat publishes report on foreign users' behavior


WeChat on Wednesday published a user behavior report on its foreign users living in China, revealing that WeChat has become a way of life for foreigners who come to China to study, work or start businesses.

China to build integrated big data center


China plans to build an integrated national big data center as the country seeks to tap the value of massive data resources in a more efficient and safer way, an official said on Wednesday.

Argentina to collaborate with China in developing football talent


The Argentinean Minister of Sports Carlos Mac Allister announced on Wednesday in Beijing that his country and China had agreed to work on "the development of football" in the Asian giant.

Aging population sparks dementia concerns


A growing number of families are facing the challenge of caring for seniors with fading mental abilities, according to China Daily.

Policies see intl student numbers rise


China is most popular destination for those seeking to study in Asia

South China Sea island begins to supply fresh vegetables


A vegetable production base on the Yongle Islands has begun to provide fresh vegetables to residents of the islands in South China Sea, ending the historical reliance on produce brought in by ships.

Sweat Makes Champions: a symbol of how the Chinese dream is realized through hard work


What is the Chinese dream? At one level, it is the dream of nation to become prosperous and great, a great dream of national rejuvenation. On a personal level, however, it is the dream of each and every Chinese to achieve personal success and prosperity.

Chinese veteran trapped in India for 54 years sets off home


An 80 year-old Chinese veteran, who has been trapped in India for half a century, is setting off on his long-awaited return home today, China Central Television reports.