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Singapore businesses fear worse economic situation in 2017: SBF survey


The economic climate in Singapore has deteriorated this year, according to companies polled in a new survey, with almost half expecting the coming year to be even worse.

Hong Kong tops global IPO markets despite total funds raised sliding to eight-year low


Thomson Reuters data for 2016 makes Hong Kong the biggest IPO market worldwide, though total funds raised were way down on last year

Survey shows British businesses want barrier-free access to EU after Brexit


A survey of private businesses employing nearly a third of the British workforce found that most companies want barrier-free access to the European Union (EU) market after Brexit takes place.

Most German economists oppose Italy's exit from eurozone: survey


​A large majority of surveyed German economists oppose exit of Italy from the eurozone, German research institute Ifo reported on Monday.

Top economic meeting bodes well for foreign firms in China despite cautious outlook


While the Chinese economy will continue to face downward pressure in 2017, a recent meeting of the nation's top economic policymakers painted a brighter picture for both domestic and foreign companies, with business conditions expected to improve and new investment opportunities likely to surface, experts said Sunday.

U.S. needs to consider spillover of its monetary policies


The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised the benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to a range of 1.50-3.75 percent and indicated a faster rate hike pace next year, which triggered significant adjustments in global financial markets.

U.S. Fed hikes interest rate after one-year pause, faster pace ahead


U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised the benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, the first and only time in 2016, and indicated a faster rate hike pace next year.

Why is climate-conscious Vietnam choosing coal over nuclear?


Rising costs and environmental fears bring an end to Vietnam’s nascent nuclear power programme, forcing the climate-conscious country back into the embrace of coal

Japan's frugal millennials a bad omen for its economy


Japan's millennials have grown up in an economy that never seems to grow.

Japan's economy seen pressured by Trump's TPP plan, protectionist bent - Reuters poll


Japan's economy could face pressure from U.S President-elect Donald Trump's plan to withdraw the United States from a multinational trade deal and on any protectionism during the New York billionaire' s term of office, a Reuters poll of analysts showed.