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Asia's richest man Jack Ma offers business advice during Africa trip


Wherever he goes, billionaire businessman Jack Ma attracts a lot of attention. And his first trip to Africa has been no different. His first stop was in Kenya, where he praised the country's communications infrastructure.

Austrian economy to grow 1.7 pct annually to 2021: research institute


The Austrian economy is on track for steady growth of an average 1.7 percent each year until 2021, a leading research institute said on Wednesday.

Brazil allows new passports to be issued after freeze


Brazilian President Michel Temer signed on Wednesday a loan of 102 million reais (32 million US dollars) for the federal police to resume issuing new passports after the procedure was suspended in late June due to lack of funds.

Most British businesses have not made Brexit plans


Most British businesses have not made any Brexit plans, a leading business organization said on Thursday.

US corporate tax reform negotiators step back from Trump's 15% pledge


US President Donald Trump campaigned on cutting the US corporate tax rate to 15 percent, but administration officials said on Monday negotiators engaged in closed-door talks are now shooting for a little over 20 percent because they realize the super-low rate would balloon the federal deficit.

1st half of 2017: New engines help power China's robust


Powered by new growth engines and reforms, the Chinese economy has maintained a strong performance despite downward pressure and uncertainties.

Eco-friendly hustle: Tunisians earn income by gathering and recycling plastic on hot streets


Slim Ben Romdhane is one of the few in Tunisia who does not count hours at work. Early in the morning, he leaves his neighborhood to collect plastic bottles. After years in the streets, he has learned to endure the extreme summer heat and the difficult working conditions. Collecting and recycling plastic is a tiring job, yet Romdhane is proud of his work.

From 100 days to 365: China, US to extend scope of trade talks


As the 100-day trade talks between China and the US close today, the world's two largest economies will build on initial results and extend their economic cooperation by a year in a forthcoming comprehensive economic dialogue (CED).

China's 2017 H1 GDP grows 6.9%


China's gross domestic product expanded 6.9 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2017, China's National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday.

U.S. Fed chair says premature to conclude inflation trend falling short of target


U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Thursday that a strong labor market and rising imported prices could support the inflation to go up, while the central bank would pay close attention to inflation developments.