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ECB stress test "slap in the face" for Italian banks, but fearful response may be overblown


​News from the weekend that nine Italian banks failed the European Central Bank (ECB)'s so-called "stress test" sent ripples through the Italian economy Monday, but some experts say the reaction may be overblown.

Africa Economy: Zimbabwe expounds Africa mining vision


​Africa, for long relying on export of raw minerals, is pushing for local beneficiation of its minerals for greater economic benefit, Zimbabwean mines minister Walter Chidhakwa said Monday.

Italy's productivity hampered by overwhelming presence of micro firms: study


​Italy's productivity gap with other European partners stems from a large predominance of micro-sized firms and not from an inappropriate specialisation of its economy, a recent study said.

Smart fiscal policy needed to tackle unemployment amid slow recovery: IMF official


​An International Monetary Fund (IMF) official on Sunday called for smart fiscal policy to create jobs amid slow global economic recovery and high public debt levels.

Asia, U.S. offer rays of sunshine amid global economic shadows


​The United States and Asia are two rare rays of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy global economic landscape, as most other economies are still seeing lackluster growth years after the worst downturn in decades.

Global economy in unsure takeoff: World Bank chief economist


Global economic outlook is gloomier than six months ago, and there are a couple of dangerous signs that the economy could stall once again, the World Bank's chief economist Kaushik Basu told Xinhua in an interview on Wednesday.

S. Korea raises worrying pitch on weak yen, rate cuts restricted


​South Korea on Wednesday raised its worrying pitch on the prolonged weakness of the Japanese yen, which would dent competitiveness of domestic exporters, but the central bank kept its stance that the effect of further rate cuts to respond to the weak yen would be restricted.

Chinese investment vital to Argentine manufacturing sector: expert


Chinese investment is vital to the growth of Argentina's manufacturing sector, international relations expert Jorge Castro said Friday.

Alibaba's IPO to end US dominance in technology sector: expert


​Alibaba's IPO could well be the end of U.S. dominance in the world technology sector, a professor from a Britain's business school told Xinhua on Thursday.

Italian PM's prediction of zero economic growth aims at lowering expectations: experts


​Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi turned heads this week when he predicted the country's economy would not grow at all this year.