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Chinese lawmakers consider registration-based stock listing


​Chinese lawmakers will deliberate on a registration-based stock listing, proposed by the State Council, China's Cabinet, during the legislative session which began Monday in Beijing.

China's emerging industrial sectors grow rapidly thanks to innovative policies


China's emerging industrial sectors, inspired by technological innovation and innovative policies, have developed rapidly in 2015.

China issues guidance for internal control of insurance funds


​China's insurance regulator on Tuesday issued a guidance for internal control of insurance funds partly to raise the sector's risk management capability.

Structural reforms highlighted in China's 2016 economic policies


​Structural reforms are expected to draw more attention from China's policy makers next year as an industrial glut and lack of high-quality supply beset the economy.

E-courts promise online justice for Chinese shoppers


As Chinese increasingly turn to the Internet for shopping, it's appropriate that many lawsuits over their purchases are now being handled entirely online.

Premier Li stresses innovation in China's 13th five-year plan


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday stressed the role of innovation in China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), calling for further efforts to foster new growth sources and upgrade traditional ones.

Premier promises economists more structural reforms


China will intensify structural reforms on both the supply and demand sides in 2016 to prompt steady growth, Premier Li Keqiang told Chinese economists on Thursday.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor gains momentum in Pakistan


China-Pakistan Economic Corridor gains momentum in Pakistan by Chen Peng

RMB's depreciation is a further step toward market-oriented exchange rate system


​China's recent move to improve its exchange rate formation system marked the country's further step toward a market-oriented exchange rate system and the depreciation of the Chinese currency has been misinterpreted by some critics, experts said.

IMF welcomes China's move to improve forex formation system


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday welcomed China's move to improve its foreign exchange formation system and said a more market-oriented exchange rate would facilitate the Special Drawing Right (SDR) operation if RMB was included in the basket.