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China's efforts to strengthen implementation of reform


The Chinese leadership has stressed the role of supervision in implementing reform on various occasions, especially at meetings of the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform.

China sees bright future for economic cooperation with South and Southeast Asia


​Tropical fruit from Thailand, Vietnamese coffee and Sri Lankan jewelry may not have much in common, but they are making their way into the Chinese market thanks to growing shared interests and market demand between China and its neighboring south and southeast Asian countries.

Forum in Macao shows common value,ideal: Brazilian trade minister


​The trade cooperation forum held in Macao will help the communication between China and Portuguese-speaking countries (PSCs), and bring more opportunities for those countries, said the Brazilian trade minister on Tuesday.

RMB's inclusion in SDR basket supports China's reforms, IMF deputy managing director


​The historic inclusion of China' s Renminbi into the Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has deeper significance for China and the global economy, said Zhang Tao, deputy managing director of the IMF, on Wednesday.

Regulators tighten bank risk management as more loans go sour


China is further tightening risk management regulations on the banking industry and stepping up efforts to build and improve a comprehensive risk management system.

China Q2 growth stable but economy may need official policy nudge


Benchmark interest rate cuts could be on the horizon as the mainland battles economic headwinds over the rest of the year, analysts say

China's coal-producing province to reform electricity pricing


​A reform plan to open the electricity market in China's major coal-producing province of Shanxi was unveiled Tuesday, the latest effort by officials to let the market play a bigger role in the power system..

China promotes share, dividend incentives among SOEs


China will allow state-owned technology firms to use share and dividend incentives to promote innovation, an official statement said on Monday.

China's shipbuilders strive to navigate economic cold


Along the vast, misty Saijiang River in southeast China's Fujian Province, around 100 docked cargo ships await buyers amidst a winter chill on China's ship sales.

China to crackdown against illegal fund-raising


​China will take strict precautions and hard actions against illegal fund-raising, the central government said, after an online peer-to-peer platform was found to swindle investors out of billions of dollars.