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China may match or beat America in AI


At the start of this year, two straws in the wind caught the attention of those who follow the development of artificial intelligence (AI) globally.

Scandal over Trump's alleged collusion with Russia far from being over


As the latest revelation on the alleged collusion of U.S. President Donald Trump with Russia adds to the media fire bedeviling his administration, the ongoing Russia scandal appears to be far from being over.

Maintaining economic growth is key for success of BRICS mechanism: expert


Boosting the sustainable economy is the biggest issue that five BRICS countries should handle. And whether the members will overcome the obstacle or not is key to the success of the BRICS mechanism, said Chen Dongxiao, president of the Shanghai Institutes of International Studies.

Turkey reshuffles cabinet setting sight on 2019 elections


Turkey reshuffled cabinet Wednesday by replacing or swapping 11 ministers as part of Erdogan's plans aiming victory in 2019 elections, according to a local expert.

Moon's offer of talks brings hope of an end to impasse


It remains to be seen how Pyongyang will respond to Seoul's formal overture for dialogue.

China: Building a society based on rule of law


China has made remarkable progress in guaranteeing judicial protection of human rights. The rule of law in the country has been constantly improving and providing better protection to human rights since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in November 2012.

NBS: China’s economy keeps ‘steady, sound’ growth in H1


China’s economy in the first half of 2017 maintains steady and sound progress with more positive changes expected in the second half, a spokesperson from China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said on Monday.

Guarding against risks for a sound financial sector


The two-day National Financial Work Conference, which ended in Beijing on Saturday, made containing financial risks one of the country's top priorities.

Russia scandal may cause Trump's party to distance from White house


The ongoing Russia scandal continues to bedevil the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, and new revelations may cause his own party to distance itself from the White House.

Chinese investment helps Portugal’s economy recovery


Trade between Portugal and China is at an all-time high and worth some seven billion US dollars now.